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Global United Missions(G.U.M.) was created to be a vehicle for those individuals, groups, ministries or organizations in the body of Christ who have been called to Missions. We network globally in order to make these "Divine Connections".
Our Vision:
  • To build a Global Evangelistic Network that is dedicated to beginning, building and bridging Evangelistic Ministries to operate globally in harmony as one entity
  • To create a networking structure that will insure continuity between local ministries after mass evangelizing has taken place
  • To network with other ministries that can provide both cultural and practical tools through in order to equip those who are called to evangelize the countries, cities and communities where God has sent them
  • To provide "head-start" training to those who have no formal training as missionaries, in order to navigate through many of the religious, cultural, mental and physical barriers that stand in the way of missionaries called to in the foreign fields.
  • To be a connection between missionaries, pastors and evangelist who are currently working in the field
  • To recruit and train as many missionaries as possible, that are called to the foreign missions
  • To offer "counseling" to those who have questions about being missionaries
  • To help lay a solid foundation that will empower missionaries to be self-sufficient while in the mission field
"The harvest is ripe, but the laborer's are few"

Our Mission Statement

“Bringing together many Missions; for one purpose”
     Do You have a passion to serve God?
  Have you always had a desire to travel to Foreign Countries around the world?
   Do you have a sense of adventure and destiny?
    Are you called to minister to the "Nations"?
Pastors, are you ready to broaden your ministry by including a foreign ministry where your members can serve?
Are you sure of your calling in the Foreign Field, but don't know where to start?
Then We Are Your "Divine Connection"

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GUM Organizational Struture's-15
       "The Foreign Missions Experiences"
We invited you to come and be a part of an exciting work of God. We are now organizing
        "Monthly trips to Thailand"
         starting in June 2012. Go to our "GUM Events" page for more details